March 18, 2011

igxglobal, Inc. validates ChainDrive’s solution to be out-of-scope for PA-DSS certification

Multidev Technologies Inc. developers of retail enterprise software solutions recently announced its ChainDrive Fully Integrated business solution has been validated by igxglobal Inc. to be out-of -scope of PCI PA-DSS.

As credit card fraud has been increasingly affecting cardholders, retailers and banks, the founders of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) have developed a set of security standards to protect the security of cardholder data. These standards comprised of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) are in place to assure accountability on the handling of customer information.

igxglobal Inc., a PCI SSC validated Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor (PA-QSA) and QSA, conducted a comprehensive review of ChainDrive and determined that while integrated with Tender Retail’s Merchant Connect Multi payment application is in compliance with the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).

It has been concluded that all handling and transmission of cardholder data is solely handled by Tender Retail’s MCM application and at no point is this data accessible by the ChainDrive ERP application. PA-DSS applies only to payment applications that store, process and transmit card holder data and based on igxglobal Inc.’s review and examination of the integration between ChainDrive and Tender Retail’s MCM application, determined that ChainDrive falls out of scope of PA-DSS. “ChainDrive’s implementation with Tender Retail is a prime example of how one can separate themselves from PA DSS requirements and yet deliver a fully functional set of software to the end customer that enables them to meet their own PCI DSS requirements,” said Barry Johnson, igxglobal Inc. Vice President.

“Tender Retail’s application reduces a merchant’s exposure to PCI DSS on all levels, including software and hardware infrastructure. As such, we continue to work closely with our partners and look forward to bringing added value to merchants. Our commitment to delivering the most secure and innovative solutions for our merchants has always been fundamental to our success and we will continue to stay on the forefront of this”, stated Steve Brook, President of Tender Retail.

ChainDrive’s retail clients who utilize the Tender Retail middleware can now rest assure that their credit card processes are inline with PA DSS compliancy. “We are very pleased to have worked with both our long standing Middleware partner Tender Retail and igxglobal to verify and validate ChainDrive’s responsibility regarding PA-DSS”, stated Mark Carter, EVP Multidev Technologies Inc.

About ChainDrive

ChainDrive is a complete end-to-end solution that is flexible, scalable and affordable; providing Retailers, E-tailers and Wholesalers with a fully integrated system that maximizes productivity, improves efficiencies, and harmonizes processes across all channels.

Designed and developed by industry professionals, ChainDrive customers receive the full feature set needed to manage performance, track productivity and improve efficiencies throughout the organization.

Catering to the demands of today’s evolving retail marketplace, ChainDrive delivers functionality that covers the entire enterprise from Point of Sale, Merchandising, Operations, Product and Inventory Management, Planning, Warehouse Management and Web Order Fulfillment all the way through to Financials, ensuring operational excellence, unified multi-channel processes and a superior customer experience. ChainDrive’s cross-channel solution is designed for the Apparel, Footwear, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Department Store and Specialty verticals. For more information, visit

About igxglobal, Inc.

igxglobal Inc. & igxglobal UK Limited are providers of information network and security integration services and products. igxglobal provides solutions that help our clients to develop, deploy and sustain an effective long term network and information security practice. Founded in the United States in 1998, and formerly called Imaginex, igxglobal has been providing technology solutions and services to clients of all sizes on a global basis for over eight (8) years. “Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor,” igxglobal is approved by the PCI SSC to conduct assessments on payment applications against the PA-DSS. For more information, visit

About Tender Retail

Tender Retail is Canada’s largest integrated payment software systems company. Its Merchant Connect suite of electronic payment applications holds 70% of the market, allowing for debit card, credit card, gift/loyalty, pre-paid phone cards, money transfers and check payments via a single integrated system. Tender Retail currently supports tens of thousands of retail lanes in Canada and the US.

About the PCI Security Standards Council

The PCI Security Standards Council is an open global forum, launched in 2006, that is responsible for the development, management, education, and awareness of the PCI Security Standards, including the Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), and PIN Transaction Security (PTS) requirements. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Multidev Technologies Inc.