March 27, 2013

Exclusive at Payment Landscape 2013 Conference: Tender Retail’s New Centralized Solution

Tender Retail, a division of ACCEO Solutions Inc., a Canadian leader in innovative and secure payment solutions, will be premiering the reporting component of its new centralized platform for payment transactions at the Payment Landscape 2013 conference, which is taking place on April 21 and 22 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Presented by Tender Retail, Payment Landscape 2013 will be bringing together the key players in the payment solutions industry in the United States, Canada, and Europe. At the conference, Tender Retail will be giving attendees an exclusive preview of its new centralized solution, which complements its Merchant Connect Multi (MCM) decentralized point-of-sale solution, already used at over 90 000 points of sale in Canada and the U.S.

Not only does the new solution offer reporting functions for merchant payment transactions, but it also integrates business intelligence and operational intelligence tools and enables continuous monitoring of software and equipment configuration. It thus makes it possible both to analyze major trends in order to guide strategic decisions concerning e-payment, and to carry out detailed analysis of specific transactions.

Tender Retail will be focusing on cutting-edge technology, including big data, which will make it possible to save data for merchants involved in tens of millions of e-payments a year.

Thus, combined with the MCM point-of-sale solution, the line showcased by Tender Retail marries the advantages of decentralized and centralized solutions to meet merchants’ needs and address merchants’ challenges in an evolving market.

About Tender Retail

Founded in 1985, Tender Retail has always been at the forefront of the industry, offering innovative and secure payment solutions. The company was the first in Canada to adopt EMV standards and roll out a complete encryption solution for merchants in an integrated payment environment. Today, Tender Retail solutions are integrated into more than 90 000 cash registers throughout Canada and the United States.

About ACCEO Solutions Inc.

Leading Canadian IT company ACCEO (formerly GFI Business Solutions) specializes in the design, implementation, integration, and support of management software; e-business development; and payment, professional, and technical services. ACCEO, which is currently experiencing an active growth phase, boasts nearly 1000 employees, approximately 55 000 clients, and annual revenues of over $100 million. Its most recent acquisitions include Tender Retail, activeMédia Développement, Fortsum Business Solutions, and Bell Business Solutions. These acquisitions have enabled the company to break into new and promising vertical markets and extend its product and service offering to businesses of all sizes and to municipalities and other public service organizations. For more information, please go to