Adopt EMV technology for fraud protection and greater security

Find out how ACCEO Tender Retail can help your store process fast and secure transactions

Chip Card | ACCEO Tender Retail

Chip Card

The adoption of chip-embedded credit and debit cards over traditional magnetic stripe cards opens up a whole new world of security and convenience benefits for merchants and consumers alike.

EMV Certification | ACCEO Tender Retail

EMV Certification

Fully EMV certified with all the major processors, EMV is essential for merchants looking for a fast, affordable and complete launch to the next level of fraud prevention and customer satisfaction.

Secure Transactions | ACCEO Tender Retail

Secure Transactions

Regardless of volume or infrastructure, every merchant can benefit from ACCEO Tender Retail’s EMV integration: increased fraud protection and reduced liability for chargebacks.

Encrypted technologies | ACCEO Tender Retail

Encrypted technologies

ACCEO Tender Retail is fully compliant with all Payment Card Industry (PCI) merchant and software developer requirements.

It also supports many point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) solutions to protect the cardholder data.

ACCEO Tender Retail ensures that no sensitive data is stored at the merchant’s level by removing cardholder information and replacing it with a random value (a token).

Mobile payments: fast and secure | ACCEO Tender Retail

Mobile payments: fast and secure

There is no doubt that mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular. The mobile market shows no signs of slowing down, as billions of people around the world own a smartphone.

Payment systems equipped with ACCEO Tender Retail can carry‐out mobile payment transactions in a seamless and secure way, without additional investment of significant time or budget in hardware or development.

Remote Management | ACCEO Tender Retail

Remote management

ACCEO Tender Retail’s unique transaction management module offers the advantages of both a centralized and a decentralized payment system.

Get a better understanding of electronicpayment expenses. Predict expenses and peaks in the number of transactions. Facilitate the initial roll out of your payment solution.

Fully adapted to dozens of providers

Our partners are industry‐leading POS providers, processors, and software technology vendors. Their technologies complement and add value to the ACCEO Tender Retail payment solution.

Our clients benefit from a wide range of features and functionalities that perfectly integrate with their solutions.

Companies that partner with ACCEO Tender Retail are enabled to reach a broader market as their own products are integrated into ACCEO Tender Retail’s direct and indirect sales activities.

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Customer Success Story

Familiprix | ACCEO Tender Retail
Since we’ve deployed the ACCEO Tender Retail payment solution, we haven’t had to concern ourselves with the security of our clients’ information during transactions. We can now focus on our operations with peace of mind.
— Melrick Miller, Project Manager Familiprix Inc.