Three best mobile point-of-sale systems for small businesses

Mobile point-of-sales (mPOS) technology has revolutionized the payment system.  With it, you can harness the power of your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device to accept payments right away from almost anywhere. MPOS offers numerous benefits and opportunities for businesses to connect with customers in new ways and is proving to be a powerful asset for small businesses.

What exactly is mobile point-of-sale?

mPOS is a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet that performs the functions of an electronic point-of-sale terminal or a cash register. Generally, a mobile device can be transformed into an mPOS with a downloadable mobile application. If a business owner is using it, he has to register the app and the vendor of the app sends him a card reader that plugs into the audio jack of the mobile device. Certain software vendors furthermore provide optional hand-held docking stations also known as sleds. These sleds allow the mobile device to read barcodes and print receipts too.

There are certain types of software that allow the mPOS to operate as an independent device linked to the bank account of the business. Or, there are other types of software that act as an integrated component of a larger POS system. In this case, the cardholder data is protected through encryption and is stored in the Cloud and not on the device.

MPOS presents numerous benefits

MPOS offers a range of benefits and advantages to make transactions in innovative ways anywhere.

  • Rapidity: MPOS speeds up check-out and returns lines even during sales rush times. Returns entailing back-ups at the sales registers can also be avoided.
  • Improving customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is enhanced systematically when clients do not have to wait in endless queues for payment. On a parallel note, cashiers can become more useful if they adopt the role of sales consultants; they can better inform consumers and help them make faster purchasing decisions. Also, mPOS allows you to sell to customers anywhere in your store.
  • Price and availability: MPOS allows store employees to check prices or availability of items quickly if they are connected to the inventory management systems. This, of course, prevents frustrations of clients.
  • Expanding your business: You no longer have to limit yourself to your physical store for sales once you are connected to mPOS. You can consider expanding your business opportunities by taking your business to customers and not vice-versa.

Choosing the right mPOS system for your small business

An mPOS system is the lifeblood of business operations. However, choosing the appropriate one, especially if your business is small, can be a hassle. The best mPOS system should certainly be affordable and easy to use, and it would be perfect if it could allow you to do more than just accepting payments and processing sales. Additional features such as inventory management, staff management, and other marketing tools are a big plus.

The best three mPOS systems you can adopt

Today, there are several mPOS systems that have been designed specifically for small businesses. Here are the top three.

Square is ideal for businesses needing mobility

Square is an extremely user-friendly mPOS system targeting people who are constantly on the go meeting with clients in various places. Square’s iPad stand is available as a large POS terminal with credit card wiping mechanism. It has numerous customizable features such as inventory management, the ability to take online orders or to print receipts as well as tickets to restaurant kitchens. Users can also report sales and ask for customer feedback.

Square also offers a simple pocket-sized credit card reader (a white square) for free. It has to be plugged into the iPhone’s audio jack to make the smartphone an mPOS. The software boasts a simple user-friendly interface. Like most mPOS systems, Square does not have a monthly fee to be paid and takes 2.75% out of every transaction made- a percentage that users consider minimal for convenience.

Shopkeep is best for diverse business

Many small businesses try to expand by operating on diverse platforms. For example, a restaurant can have a distillery attached as well as a wine bar. For such businesses, Shopkeep is the ideal mPOS solution as it can be integrated on different platforms without being cumbersome. Available for a monthly fee of $ 49 per register, Shopkeep personalizes service for retail, restaurants, and bars and offers features like inventory management, staff management as well as customer marketing. Business stats can be monitored through an online back-end and this system can be synchronized with an iOS app for iPhone. Highly intuitive, it requires minimal or no training at all.

LevelUp is ideal to enhance customer engagement

LevelUp offers a wide array of customizable templates ranging from coffee shops to ice cream stores. The user can add the logo of his own business to the design of the register. This mPOS system is best for customer engagement as it reminds customers when they have not visited the store after x amount of time. It furthermore provides a rewards program: a client can stop for a free bakery item, for example, on his birthday. Customers can equally leave feedback for the owner on the LevelUp app, which is a fruitful tool for interaction between business owners and clients.

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