Rewards credit cards are a way to earn kickbacks

A wide array of cards available to consumers today has increased competition on the market. To stand out from the crowd, various service providers have started to tempt consumers with multiple options such as rewards for using their cards. Every card has its own strengths and shortcomings, but the common feature is that they are all profitable to consumers.

Cashback is the most popular reward

A survey carried out by U.S. News shed light on the behavior and preference of card users who definitely have a penchant for cash back rewards. The next most appealing reward is the travel reward followed by no annual fee. Cashback is the most popular reward.

The survey equally revealed that most cardholders do not research rewards programs before signing up. They also do not compare their card to other reward cards on the market. At the same time, it was highlighted that most users do not maximize the value they can get from their card benefits despite earning some rewards. In this sense, they are likely to miss several opportunities. It was also shown that many users carry their monthly balance, thus bringing down their rewards level. Experts recommend that they start considering card rewards as an investment and become more conscious about the wide array of benefits available.

Consumers are cautious not to overspend

Despite the fact that the rewards for using credit cards are numerous, cardholders have demonstrated cautiousness in terms of overspending. Even if spending more means getting more rewards, they are careful not to spend more than previously, knowing that they will get rather nice kickbacks and perks all the same. Users are conscious on how to profit from their regular spending, especially if they do not carry a monthly balance on their card.

The best rewards credit cards trending in 2018

In their survey, U.S. News evaluated 444 rewards credit cards, comparing the strengths and shortcomings of each one. Despite the fact that there is no ideal card for everyone, the following cards topped the list based on data points and several criteria.

  • Chase Freedom: This card is best for general spending with cash back and bonus categories with no annual fee.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card: It is the best option for travel and dining expenses with a large sign-up bonus.
  • Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express: This card represents the best benefits in terms of loyalty airline spending and a sign-up bonus.
  • Ink Business Preferred Credit Card: Best for business spending with a large sign-up bonus.
  • Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card: Best for loyalty hotel spending and large sign-up bonus.
  • Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express: Best for loyalty hotel spending and flexible reward options with a sign-up bonus.
  • Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card: Best for flat-rate cash back on all spending with no annual fee.
  • Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express: Best for cash back at U.S. grocery stores and U.S. gas stations.


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