Retailers boost e-commerce with an increased focus on their online sales 

With the advent and success of the online industry in the recent past, we are looking at a major shift of focus of the retailers on the online sales in the near future. Find out the areas of focus of the retailers along with tips and tricks for enhancing your e-commerce sales. The trend is backed by a report published by Statista depicting the rapid pace of growth of e-commerce sales.

Find out the areas of focus of the retailers

Focusing on revamping your own image and style instead of mimicking the competitors can really help your individuality stand out. Reimagine your working model and play hit and trial with tips that work for you. Accepting the change and to be able to bring out a change is the only way to go in this ever fluctuating sales environment.

Retailers have worked on the following areas to increase their online sale. If you are a business owner, no matter how small or huge it is, the following point might help you with boosting the sale. Feel free to benefit from them.

Get your website in order

If you own a website dealing with e-commerce, it is the perfect time to make some changes and enhance it for a better user experience. According to trends seen in 2015, increase in the sale of a particular business is all about a good user experience. Invest in making your website more visually appealing where the user is not required to read long texts for navigation. Get rid of the maze-like navigational instructions and add vibrant colors with large fonts to the action calls. Use artificial intelligence and cookies to figure out what the customer is looking for and present to him just the right choice. Use infographics and pictures for clarity but don’t stuff them so much that it hinders the actual buying process. Use strategic organization and keywords to make, finding the right product on your site easier and fun for customers.

The web design should be responsive enough to make it a consistent experience for your user across a number of devices. Checkout process should be as simple as possible. Forcing the user to make an account for the purchase might be a big turn off and they might move to another online store with simpler procedures. To maintain the loyalty of your customer, offer some incentive for creating an account and joining the mailing list.

Make the shipping free and quick

The crux of online shopping is to save the user of extra time and money but if he is spending almost the same money that he might save by paying the shipping fees and waiting for days to get his product, he might prefer not to even shop online. These disadvantages can be overcome through offering free shipping and quick delivery process. So yes, up your shipping game.

Analyze the trends

If you implemented an excellent strategy to boost up your sales, how are you going to find out what worked and what not? Understand your conversion rates by the constant evaluation of the numbers.  Study and analyze the trends after the implementation of each new strategy. Prefer data collected over longer spans of time, for example, months instead of weeks. Analyze the results to find out what works best for the business.

Get seasonal

Treat your customers with new offers every season. Display the offer in an attractive manner depicting the particular season and ongoing trends. Inform your users of the new fashion updates and trend likely to gain attention that season. Last but definitely not the least, put up ‘End of Season’ sales for experiencing a greater boost in sales and also getting rid of the old stock.

Use social media platform to gain attention

If you are a small business with a limited budget window for marketing and sales, use social media to serve your purpose. Small businesses all over the globe are utilizing this platform to create brand awareness, brand promotions and improving brand reputation in the marketplace. Offer discounts and freebies for sharing your product and reap maximum benefits by investing little.

Address the needs of the customer

It is a very powerful selling technique to understand the needs of your target market and addressing them. Enhance and shape your product according to their need and then market it well to the same target audience. Your message should be so convincing that makes the buyer stop and say this is what’s been missing from his life and he surely needs it now.

Talk positively about other brands

Talking high of other brands will only spread positivity about your own brand. Use educational blogs to spread awareness on the problem that your product solves. Then add your product as a solution to the specified problem naturally and seamlessly. Recommend other non-competing brands that provide product/service closer to yours. This will help your customer have faith in you for providing the right guidance and not just selling your product.

Pay attention to the customer service

We have seen a few low-quality products gain some sale boost just because of a good customer service experience. Yes, it is that important. Although focusing on the product quality and promotion is very important to bring the customer to your door, yet customer service is the most important way to keep them coming back. Analytics show that people tend to be loyal to the brands that provide good ambiance and right guidance. This department is really worth spending on.

Learn about the report published by Statista

The trend of rapidly increasing focus on the online sale and its result in numbers is backed by a report published by Statista.

The report was recently published and shows that in the year 2015, online sales collected from selling for physical goods were around USD 294.45 billion. This amount is expected to increase to USD 485 billion and above in 2021. Also, the online sale from apparel and accessories segment is expected to generate revenue close to USD 100 billion by 2021.

According to this report, United States of America falls behind other countries with respect to the percentage of total retail generated through e-commerce sales. China is said to be doing well with almost a fifth of its total retail sales occurring via the internet as compared to 8.1% in the US during the year 2016.

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