Mobile payments startups changing how payments work

Before the advent of the internet, businesses had two ways to pay or be paid – cash or check. Then came the credit cards, closely followed by debit cards linked to bank accounts. However, while all of these worked well for their period, they were mostly paper-intensive processes that took a few days to process. This meant that businesses or customers had to wait a few days to be paid. Then came the internet, and advances in

Then came the internet, and advances in technology and more businesses started conducting their business over the web. As opportunities grew to conduct businesses online, so did the methods of payment that became available. Now there are many different ways to make payments online for both businesses and consumers. This has all resulted in more focus on the development of technology that changes how consumers and businesses pay for products and services.

Mobile payment startups that are making a difference


Due is a digital payments platform that gives small business owners, freelancers, and startup founders a way to get into the mobile payments options for businesses and consumers. The technology they developed for this gives their clients a secure, fast, and affordable processing system for credit cards, e-cash, e-checks, mobile payments, and digital wallets. The tool also ensures the business owner can provide multiple payment options, which can help to attract more customers. Due also offer time tracking, online invoicing, and other essential software on their system.


This is another tool that can help business by providing them with a tailored payment platform that means people can be paid faster. An account created through WePay can be used for several different applications, including e-billing and collection, being able to accept multiple payment methods, online bills payment, electronic transfer, and their own WePay credit cards. The platform is fully scalable and offers a perfectly seamless user experience that is fully integrated with the latest in fraud security. It is a platform that goes beyond just being a checkout.


This was a platform that was specifically designed to allow smaller merchants to complete interbank transfers through their websites, for either one-time or recurring payment. With a fully automated system, it means that there is no risk of human error in the processing and completion of payments. With fees being much lower than PayPal and other payment options, it allows companies worldwide to offer better and cheaper payment options for increased revenues.

Cheddar Up

An unusual name for an unusual service. Cheddar Up is a service that gives a payment solution for personal debts. Sometimes, it is necessary to borrow from friends and family, and paying them back can be difficult if you do not see them very often. Cheddar Up is an easy payment solution that helps you pay back the person you owe using an online transaction platform. It has options for use in schools, clubs, teams, non-profits, and individual people. Wherever there is the need to make payments between individuals or groups, Cheddar Up is an easy application to use. Once you have been paid back, the money can be easily deposited into your bank or PayPal account, and the payment solution comes with forms and reports to track payments that have been made and those that are still owed.


There can be times when we get gift cards for stores that we are never likely to use. And whether it is five dollars or one hundred, it is still money that could be put to better use. With Openbucks, you can use those unused gift cards to pay for online purchases, as if you were using cash for the transactions. The startup is still building its base of businesses that are willing to accept the payment through these gift cards, and it may take a while before there are a good number of places you can spend that money. However, there is a major opportunity for businesses to make the most of this currency, to make sure that gift cards do not go unused and can help customers get what they really want.


This is an all-in-one tool that was developed specifically for contractors, to allow them to increase their cash flow as well as managing all of their financial aspects of the business. It uses a mobile and cloud-based operating platform that allows the contractor to accept a deposit payment on the spot, using mobile payment wallets, credit and debit cards, and e-checks. It also provides a payment financing option for customers who need to fund a construction project and can provide its own credit card for employees, to save them the hassle of company credit cards. They also have a personal finance option, to give the same tools and options to personal customers with money management issues.


With the massive increase in the use of cryptocurrencies, SnapCard is a startup that has grown to assist in the payment and acceptance of digital currencies like bitcoin in business. The payment solution they provide can allow businesses to accept this new payment option, no matter how big or small the business. This can give them a major competitive advantage over other businesses who are not yet offering this payment option. With more payment methods available, a company has a better chance of attracting more customers, so SnapCard uses a digital wallet that allows this currency type to be used for purchases.

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