Kaizala will now have mobile payments integration

As today’s fast pace trade environment is only picking up of speed, the demand for efficiency in everything business related – especially transactions – has never been higher. Everything needs to be done as fast and accurately as possible, and it is exactly where technology kicks in as today’s essential tool. The latter has allowed for infrastructures like mobile payments to exist. As we are increasingly realizing how this fast payment method can be extremely practical on a day to day basis, the focus has shifted to making the technology more accessible. For instance, Microsoft’s business tool Kaizala will soon come with an array of novel facilities amongst which mobile payment was surely highly anticipated by an already expanding clientele.

Mobile payments have become essential

The art of trade and business has been around since the dawn of times. In fact, one can trace back such infrastructures to the beginning of some of the earliest forms of societies ever recorded. But of course, if one was to compare what business was then to what is it now, he or she would probably encounter a massive gap, despite all of the fundamental concepts that still persist in this day and age. It can easily be inferred that the form of nature of societal constructs such as trade and business inevitably evolve as new technologies and methodologies emerge from the depths of human thought, and so, it would not be surprising that in the era of the digital, a majority of present-day institutions rest on technology as we understand it today. Payments, for example, have evolved from the barter system to physical currency, which in turn evolved to the virtual currency that has become the norm today. Using one’s debit card at the supermarket would be as normal as exchanging one’s cow for ten chickens back in the day.

Of course, every novel payment method has come with its own adaptation period. And as we progress into 2018, we can easily tell that we are once again in the aforementioned transitive state.  We are slowly getting deeper into virtual currency as currencies like bitcoins and payment methods like mobile transactions change the way businesses and individuals interact. Indeed, it is possible for one to buy or sell through just one quick click, touch, or biometric authentication. Making a transaction has never been simpler thanks to mobile payments, and now that they exist and that their importance and practicality have been recognized, making the technology more accessible and multiplying its applications have become the focus of tech giants.

Kaizala implements mobile transactions

According to its website:

“Microsoft Kaizala is a mobile app and service designed for large group communications and work management. Kaizala makes it easy to connect and coordinate work with your entire value chain, including field employees, vendors, partners, and customers wherever they are. With Kaizala, you efficiently assign and track tasks or collect data with individuals or large groups–even if they’re not within your organization.”

The tool has been specifically designed to uplift businesses in India – a region of the world whose business realm in constantly expanding and reaching new heights. To respond to the needs of such a situation, Microsoft has recently gone public with its decision to include third-party mobile payments integration within the app so as to make transactions even easier for all of their one million customers. Those using the app will be able to effectuate or receive payments without having to leave the Kaizala app, therefore gain productivity and efficiency.

“Customers have been asking about adding the payment functionality in Kaizala to complete the workflow. We are going to very soon integrate digital payment facility in the app,” Rajiv Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Office Product Group, Microsoft India. “The integration will take care of payments from wallet to wallet, bank to bank, credit card to the bank and vice versa. It is very much customer-driven and addresses all stakeholders in the value chain,” the Corporate Vice President added.

The impact of Microsoft Kaizala can already be felt. Governmental infrastructures now relay on the app as more than 30 departments with over 70,000 workers in the Andhra Pradesh government make use of Kaizala to facilitate their operations in real time. And on the banking side, the influence can also be felt as institutions like  YES Bank, Apollo Telemedicine, United Phosphorous Limited, and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, among others, increasingly adopt the tool. The integration of mobile payments can therefore only empower the many users of Microsoft Kaizala through the facilitation of their day to day endeavors.

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