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SmartMetric creates the world’s very first biometric fingerprint and EMV secured payment card

At the Money 20/20 Conference and Exhibition held in Las Vegas, Nevada, SmartMetric unveiled the world’s first EMV chip secured payment card which is also equipped with a fully (…) Read more

China’s leading mobile payments apps are forcing competitors to innovate

WeChat Pay owned by Tencent and Alipay owned by Ant Financial are the two most prominent mobile payment apps in China accounting for 66% of the market share, having dominance over (…) Read more

The New Payment Platform is going to change the way we make payments

WeChat Pay owned by Tencent and Alipay owned by Ant Financial are the two most prominent mobile payment apps in China accounting for 66% of the market share, having dominance over (…) Read more

The number of card payments predicted to increase by 55 percent 

Over the past few years, businesses in every industry have started accepting both credit and debit cards as a primary mode of payment for their products and services. This shift (…) Read more

An overview of the worldwide EMV cards (2017-2025) report

‘World EMV Cards Consumption Market Report 2017-2025’ is a recent in-depth study that has been conducted to study the current condition of Network as a service in the global (…) Read more

It has become easy for digital nomads to make payments overseas

With the emergence of several technological advancements in the industry, U.S entrepreneurs who live overseas have access to multiple payment processing options. These include (…) Read more

New report on payment options in Indonesia

The latest market research report, entitled “Payments in Indonesia 2017: What Consumers Want” has examined the consumer payment market in Indonesia through 2017, with an analysis (…) Read more

Planning marketing strategies for multiple channels

The more technology advances, the more it offers innovative ways for companies to market their products and services. Digital marketing has changed the way companies do business. (…) Read more

Millions of credit card credentials stolen after data breach at Sonic Drive-In

On September 26th, a batch of about 5 million credit cards was on sale on a famous data theft website called Joker’s Stash. This sale coincides with abnormal activity detected (…) Read more

An overview of the most scandalous data breaches in the world

The countless number of data breaches occurrences reflects the fact that sensitive and confidential data is constantly at risk. Despite laws and regulations constraining (…) Read more

IBM Blockchain cross-border payments to radicalize existing systems

IBM’s collaboration with KlickEx Group, a Polynesian payments system provider, and Stellar.org, an open source FinTech payment network, will start a new electronic currency (…) Read more

The different faces of success that mobile payments can have in the US

Until now, many leaders in the mobile payments industry in the U.S thought that they had the requirements for success figured out. However, it is high time that experts start (…) Read more

It has become easy for digital nomads to make payments overseas

Until now, many leaders in the mobile payments industry in the U.S thought that they had the requirements for success figured out. However, it is high time that experts start (…) Read more

The number of card payments predicted to increase by 55 percent

Until now, many leaders in the mobile payments industry in the U.S thought that they had the requirements for success figured out. However, it is high time that experts start (…) Read more

Mobile apps are shaping the food consumption trends of millennials

The millennial generation (born between 1980 and 1999) has always been part of a digital era in which technology is always evolving to meet the never-ending needs of consumers. (…) Read more

Five cryptocurrency hardware wallets trending on the market

Several innovative applications and services are stemming from cryptocurrency. One of these is the cryptocurrency hardware wallet that is gaining traction alongside digital (…) Read more

Mobile payments are going to overtake credit cards as the preferred mode of online payments

By analyzing the current market trends, it is apparent that online, mobile and digital currency payments systems are going to overtake conventional debit and credit cards for (…) Read more

Retailers boost e-commerce with an increased focus on their online sales 

With the advent and success of the online industry in the recent past, we are looking at a major shift of focus of the retailers on the online sales in the near future. Find out (…) Read more

Security is the main concern of mobile payments with Millennials

With the advent and success of the online industry in the recent past, we are looking at a major shift of focus of the retailers on the online sales in the near future. Find out (…) Read more

The Nordics are favoring invisible payment systems

The Senior Vice President of Mobile Services at Nets, Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer, is confident that invisible payment systems will be the new trend in the near future. Read more

Chinese mobile money increases as cash becomes less popular

The future of money in China is quickly moving away from the traditional paper currency, as the majority of people in the main urban centers of the country are now using their (…) Read more

Technology ideas to prevent cross-border fraud

With fraud being a major risk factor in e-commerce in the United States and Europe, new ideas on fraud prevention are needed, to counter the rising amount of online fraud. One of (…) Read more

The Federal Reserve implements new strategies to improve the U.S. payment systems

With the evolution of technology, the mobile payment market is rapidly expanding, making payment processes more sophisticated and easy. In its recently published paper, Strategies (…) Read more

SaaS is expected to become the new industry standard

Software as a Service (SaaS) has known a spectacular rise to prominence. With the numerous advantages that SaaS brings to the table, more development is expected to boost its (…) Read more

ImageE-commerce specialist DMM is launching its bitcoin mining venture in Japan

DMM has made a colossal step in the cryptocurrency sphere by announcing its new mining venture in Japan. Cryptocurrency, the new form of digital currency, is rapidly growing in (…) Read more

Blockchain could help more people gain access to financial services

About two billion people currently lack access to the most basic banking facilities. Given how important those financial infrastructures have become to socioeconomic progress, (…) Read more

Contactless technologies are permeating the public transport sector

Smart cards, smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches are slowly becoming the new wallets to use on various public transportation mediums. A lot is being made by stakeholders in the (…) Read more

Self-service kiosks come in as a refreshing take on the Subway experience

Recently, Subway has been working on its business model, adding new “electronic kiosks” to some of their outlets as part of their new movement dubbed “fresh forward.” More than (…) Read more

Startup Zilingo raises 17M USD as niche e-commerce booms in Indonesia

Less than two years after its creation, Zilingo, a Southeast Asia-based e-commerce platform, has managed to raise $17M earlier in September. Led by Sequoia Capital India and Burda (…) Read more

Updates on the latest high-profile data breaches

2017 has witnessed several high-profile data breaches. Having become a fact of digital life, these breaches have put millions of victims at a high risk of identity theft. Data (…) Read more

Experts points of views on payment trends in 2017 and 2018

The payment industry is undergoing numerous changes at a rapid pace. 2017 is witnessing multiple trends while 2018 is expected to see a reinforcement of frameworks and emergence (…) Read more

Order your products and have them delivered to your doorstep by a drone

Based in Iceland, Aha, known as the largest online marketplace has partnered with Flytrex, the Israeli drone company, to use drones to deliver its products to two parts of the (…) Read more

Proximity mobile payments expected to reach 49,2 billion US dollars 

Proximity mobile payments are believed to be the next step in the ever-growing relationship between buyers and sellers. A recent study by eMarketer is predicting the rising (…) Read more

Mobile payment is the future for Millennials

Throughout history, generation after generation has had a major impact on society in some way. With the baby-boomers, it was all about redefining the traditional social values, (…) Read more

It might be 2017 but mobile payments are not a big thing yet

Smartphones have become substitutes for almost everything. Who needs a fancy camera when there is a performant one on all of the latest phones already? And what is the use of (…) Read more

Discover Why E-Commerce Brands Should Consider Opening Physical Stores

Originally a mobile e-commerce platform co-founded by Carl Waldekranz in 2012, Tictail has opened the doors to its first-ever permanent storefront in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. (…) Read more

Payment card security compliance is directly related to the ability to defend against cyber attacks

A recent report published by Verizon- a highly respected security consultancy- highlighted that of all card data breaches investigated, not a single organization was fully (…) Read more

How mobile retail can create a better customer experience

In a recent panel talk at the ICX Summit in Dallas, vice-president of Pizza Hut International, Rohit Kapoor, shared his strategies and insights on the mobile customer experience, (…) Read more

Guidelines for omnichannel retailers to make shipping less complex

Shipping is the backbone of any online commerce. However, it is a process that every retailer would joyfully avoid if possible due to the many complexities and costs entailed. (…) Read more

Ten ways to protect yourself when shopping online

Over the past few decades, the internet has developed into a dynamic and viable retailing channel, generating billions in online retailing sales. Online shopping has risen fast (…) Read more

Mobile point-of-sale systems

Mobile point-of-sale systems, or mPOS, are a digital replacement to normal POS systems, using any form of touchscreen mobile devices, such as an iPad, smartphone, or tablet. When (…) Read more

Why the mobile wallet should be a fundamental part of your retail strategy

Mobile wallets have already gone mainstream for consumers. The trend is being consolidated as many merchants are equally playing the game by offering various services and modes of (…) Read more

Five current payment challenges that travel agents have to overcome

Summer time does not rhyme with a vacation for travel agents. It is the peak season where thousands of people are traveling and when travel agents are literally overwhelmed with a (…) Read more

Payments: What U.S. entrepreneurs should learn from the global marketplace

Payments are an ecosystem in constant evolution. Small entrepreneurs and businesses may easily feel it difficult to stay up-to-date. However, to stay ahead of the curve, it is (…) Read more

E-commerce and the ten Cs that are revolutionizing the retail industry

The retail industry is more than ever a bustling ground. Sales are on a constant hike as innovations in various fields are unfolding at high speed. If you want to engage yourself (…) Read more

Millenials and mobile payment

Millenials should supposedly have been the primary users of mobile payment. However, in practice, the theory has proven false.  Read more

Mobile payment is set to be the biggest mode of payment

As cash payment is slowly dying, mobile payment is being seen as the embodiment of all our future payments. Gaining ground rapidly mostly for security reasons and unrivaled (…) Read more

Expected trends in mobile payments

Smartphones have taken the mobile phone from being a device to talk and text with, to something more akin to a mini computer with the ability to be a personal assistant, virtual (…) Read more

Paying at the table will grow through 2017

According to the U.S. Payments forum, over 600 million EMV-enabled cards had been issued as of March 2017. MasterCard and Visa are estimating that there are around 2 million (…) Read more

Merchant payment solutions for cannabis dispensaries

With the legalization of cannabis for medical use in 28 states and the District of Columbia, you might think that it would be easy to buy your cannabis. With many dispensaries (…) Read more

Merchant complacency in identifying international transactions

Merchants have gone a long way in adopting mobile payment security measures, but a large portion still does not know whether a payment originated inside the U.S. or abroad. (…) Read more

Chinese tourists are adopting mobile payments for shopping abroad

Mobile payments are fast becoming the preferred payment method for Chinese tourists abroad, according to a global research study by payment specialists, Cancan. The study revealed (…) Read more

The effect of fintech on global e-commerce

Global payments options have evolved over the years, and the rise of new payment methods, including online and mobile payments, has been the effect of more online and mobile (…) Read more

Top 15 solutions for online payments

When it comes to finding a platform for online payments, there are more options than you can count. And while it cannot be denied that PayPal is the major player in the online (…) Read more

Digitization: The way forward in financial services

In a recent study of over 50,000 U.S. residents, the Federal Reserve discovered that mobile banking is on the rise, and growing at a dramatic rate. With the most popular actions (…) Read more

EMV chip cards still seem vulnerable to fraudulent activities

In view of combating fraud, the payment industry has been undergoing multiple changes. Innovative security measures have been rolling out frequently. Cards embedded with (…) Read more

How to ensure great customer experience

Any company that can provide a great customer experience sets themselves apart from the rest. And “what does my customer want” is the question every savvy executive is always (…) Read more

Three best mobile point-of-sale systems for small businesses

Mobile point-of-sales (mPOS) technology has revolutionized the payment system.  With it, you can harness the power of your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device to accept (…) Read more

Overcoming the challenges of omnichannel in retail

While omnichannel has been around for several years and is now an established system, many companies are still having problems integrating it into their systems to make it work (…) Read more

Unified Commerce can be a possible reality

In this day of digital technology and online shopping, empowered shoppers want to see more from their retail experience. This is not news, however, and shoppers now carry a (…) Read more

How E-commerce is shaping the future of commerce

Electronic commerce- or E-commerce as it is usually abbreviated to- is a term defining a business or commercial transaction that comprises the transfer of information across the (…) Read more

Guidelines to improve customer experience 

In the world of commerce, customer experience is the interaction between the customer and an organization over the total duration of their customer relationship. A good customer (…) Read more

Omnichannel: One of the favorite channels adopted by marketers 

In this age of massive digital consumption, there is a constant proliferation of social media and channels that can be used by marketers in new and exciting ways to reach their (…) Read more

Omnichannel models respond seamlessly to customer needs

As technology advances, it becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives. Most people have several Internet-connected devices around them at any given time, from desktop (…) Read more

How to make the most of the Omnichannel business model

Omnichannel is a strategy currently being employed in marketing. From being a rather unfamiliar concept five years ago, it has evolved into a crucial feature for successful (…) Read more

 Omnichannel vs. Unified Commerce: Choosing the front runner for your business

The retail sector is all about omnichannel and unified commerce right now. Bolstered by mobilization of retail, digital commerce has placed the power in customer’s hands. The (…) Read more

Understanding the basics of unified commerce

Customer experience has become the pivotal point in marketing. Businesses have understood this and 89% of them expect to be competing with each other on this basis, as customer (…) Read more

Major challenges retailers face with Endless Aisle

Around ten percent of retail sales are lost because an item in the store is out of stock. When this happens, your customers look to your competitors to find the item they want. (…) Read more

Protect yourself when using cards

You would not give a thief the details of your checking account, but when using a debit card in an unsecured location, you are effectively doing just that. When you use your debit (…) Read more

Tips to choose the payment system best for you

Payment systems abound around the world, and many have very different systems, processing systems, and payment ability options. There are also differences in the amounts being (…) Read more

Dispelling the myths around using mobile phones for payments

Thanks to the implementation of new technology, the mobile phone has now become the wallet, with all your financial transactions carried out through an app on your smartphone. Now (…) Read more

Digital wallets as the payment method of the future

Digital wallets are a relatively new kind of electronic application that can be used to store funds and make payments for good in stores or online over the internet. A bank (…) Read more

Mobile payment types available today

Mobile payments are all the rage these days. With millions of people now using smartphones, the ease of use of a mobile wallet for making payments is the preferred method of the (…) Read more

Mobile payments startups changing how payments work

Before the advent of the internet, businesses had two ways to pay or be paid – cash or check. Then came the credit cards, closely followed by debit cards linked to bank accounts. (…) Read more

SMS payments explained

Everyone knows what an SMS is, and people use them every day. However, few people realize that they can make a payment via SMS on their mobile phone. Read more

Mobile payment security explored

Mobile payments are the modern form of payment with an increasing number of people using their phones for payment of bills, purchases and money transfers. But the question (…) Read more

What is End-to-end encryption?

In the past, terms such as end-to-end encryption (E2EE) were things known only by the “geeks” who worked in the back-end of programs for security. The majority of people would not (…) Read more

The adoption of EMV cards in Africa

With the global adoption rate of EMV-enabled cards gaining traction, South Africa is slowly starting to move in the same direction as the rest of the world. And with MasterCard (…) Read more

EMV technology has taken a strong hold in Europe

Over a decade ago, chip and PIN technology was first rolled out in Europe and the UK. Its adoption was fast, and almost complete, with only a few merchants not accepting the new (…) Read more

North American EMV usage is on the rise

EMV, which stands for EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa, is a technology that uses an embedded chip to increase card security for the retail card-present transaction. And all across (…) Read more

The security of electronic payment systems

With electronic payment systems becoming more popular with today’s consumers, their prime concern is the security of their payments. This is a critical element of the payment (…) Read more

How our mobile phones are metamorphosing payment solutions

Contactless cards, digital wallets, mobile payments…Our purchasing habits are undergoing persistent changes with the advent of innovative technologies. It is expected that mobile (…) Read more

Common sense measures to protect yourself against identity theft

Identity theft is a common issue, especially when it is done to commit credit card fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission, it is estimated that yearly, approximately 9 (…) Read more

The impact of contactless EMV technology in South America

Card payment technology has rapidly evolved from the old magnetic strip cards to incorporate chip and PIN technology, making them more secure for card present transactions. All (…) Read more

Trending mobile payments in South America

Mobile payments solutions are one of the biggest sections of financial technology (fintech). And in South America, there is a growing trend for mobile payment solutions, as more (…) Read more

The use of EMV cards throughout Asia

With 70 percent of the world’s consumers now using EMV-enabled cards, the growth of these high-security cards has been constant. But with contactless payments becoming more (…) Read more

Fintech increases mobile payments in Africa

The rapid growth of financial technology, or fintech, is mainly due to the industry’s adoption of innovative technologies in western countries. In order to continue this growth, (…) Read more

Understanding Point of Sale Malware in cyber crime prevention

Where there is money, there are hackers. Since their very existence, credit cards have attracted cybercriminals who have devised arrays of means and ways to steal data on the (…) Read more

New vehicles are being equipped with in-car payment technology

The series of innovations in the payment industry is rolling on and on. As automakers are partnering with card networks and retailers to equip vehicles with in-car payment (…) Read more

Micropayment: A business model that can be viable if structured properly

Entering new markets has become a simplified process nowadays. Thanks to the Internet and technological innovations, payment modes for goods and services have also undergone (…) Read more

Cloud-based mobile payments are transforming your devices into e-wallets

Cloud-based mobile payment is gaining momentum across the world. Technological innovations are now offering customers the full suite of capabilities as devices are being (…) Read more

North American mobile payment trends to look for in 2017

With major advancements in mobile payment technology, more people are finding out about the convenience of mobile payment solutions. Smartphones have taken retail payments to a (…) Read more

European Central Bank will enable mobile number-based payments by 2018

Is it possible to make a payment the same way you make a phone call? Just using the recipient’s number, you could send them money. This is already possible, and the European (…) Read more

Increase in the use of mobile payments in Asia

Mobile payment options are the growing trend in many Asian countries. With the increase in smartphone use in third-world Asian countries and an ever-increasing selection of mobile (…) Read more

Middleware software solutions and the changing US payment landscape

Any retailer using an integrated POS system has likely faced, at some point in time, the decision of selecting a middleware software solution provider. This is especially true in (…) Read more

Mobile payment: Paylib extends its services following partnership with BPCE Group

Paylib, the French e-wallet, is diversifying its customer services after partnering with the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne (BPCE) Group, the second largest banking group (…) Read more

Biometrics represents the key to safer mobile payments in the future

It is not some outlandish project. Biometrics does represent the future of the payment industry, imposing itself as the safest method possible. Indeed, what can be more secure (…) Read more

Why aren’t organizations developing payment acceptance in-house?

Historically, integrating payments in a POS system was relatively easy. The basic requirements were to read a payment card’s magnetic stripe, format a message and send it to the (…) Read more

Social media platforms give prominence to digital wallets

The advent of the digital wallet is being largely influenced by discussions on social media. The 2017 Digital Payments Study led by MasterCard concluded that social media (…) Read more

Valid reasons for adopting mobile payments without fear

The fear of becoming a victim of mobile payment fraud restrains many shoppers from purchasing from their mobiles. Admittedly, there have been occurrences of data breaches at (…) Read more

Payment processing: Learning from the ups and downs of 2016

Payment processing in 2016 made a great leap, largely thanks to technological advances. The transition to Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV), as well as the behavior of (…) Read more

Fraudsters go online as EMV reduces card fraud

With the advent of the EMV chips in credit and debit cards, fraudsters are being forced to look elsewhere. While it may be a little annoying having to wait for the terminal to (…) Read more

Compatibility is the key for new mobile payment apps

With an increase in the use of mobile payments in the United States, new mobile payment apps are popping up. But many developers are not thinking about integration with all the (…) Read more

Mobile payments predicted to increase drastically in 2017

The industry leaders in marketing news and mobile payment trends are predicting that mobile payments will finally gain some long-overdue momentum this year. The movement towards (…) Read more

Mobile payment imposes itself as the new trend in a cashless society

It was predicted that mobile payments would be outrunning other modes of payment. It is indeed witnessing a consistent boom: by the end of 2016, there were more than four hundred (…) Read more

Retailers in mobile payment dilemma

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are well-established as mobile payment methods in the marketplace. However, since their introduction there has only been a slow rise in their use by the (…) Read more

Dispelling the security myths around contactless cards

Contactless payment is surrounded by myths about its security. Many consumers, not well-versed with this mode of payment, are wary of adopting it. Yet with the technology (…) Read more

Retail payment secured through combination of numerous features

The retail industry is committed to securing consumer information during transactions. This is done thanks to innovations in payment security technology. Read more

Digital payments open to major security risks in India

In one of the biggest third-world countries, India, digital payments still have no legislation or infrastructure to govern them. This leaves any form of digital payment open to (…) Read more

Is near field communication the future of data storage?

Near field communication (NFC) has become one of the mainstream payment solutions for today’s consumer. NFC technology is fast becoming the standard in tablets and smartphones. (…) Read more

Four absolute trends for payment processing

The growth of digital payment has shown how fast the payment industry is evolving. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and others (…) Read more

Digital wallets start weighing heavier than bulging wallets

We may no longer have to walk around with cash bulging in our wallets. It is predicted that in the near future digital wallets will end up replacing other types of payments. Money (…) Read more

Arming your business against sensitive data breaches 

An ever-increasing amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is being stored online. Global cloud security needs to be able to protect that data from malicious theft. Is (…) Read more

Secure payments: Beating credit card fraud

Whether it is online, over the phone, or in a store, everyone wants to be sure that their card information is secure. Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) is the industry standard to (…) Read more

Tokenization: Securing data with random numbers

With more people using cards for purchases, added security is a must for the card issuers. Tokenization is an innovative system that makes data in credit and debit cards more (…) Read more

Secure Communication Prevents Eavesdroppers

End-to-end-encryption (E2EE) is the most secure method of sending messages over the air. It is a technology that means no-one, not even the government, should be able to access (…) Read more

The use of EMV technology expected to spike in 2017

There is no escape. Adopted nationwide in the United States on the 1st of October 2015, Europay/ MasterCard/ Visa (EMV) cards is here to stay. It has started replacing the old (…) Read more

Decoding the EMV technology and liabilities

Today, people no longer wish to carry a wallet full of notes and coins. Luckily for us all, the way we perform transactions has been evolving quickly over the years, from coins (…) Read more

Smart credit cards: The future of card security

With the innovative technology introduced by EMV where the chip is embedded into most credit cards, point-of-sale purchases became more secure than ever before. Now, with a new (…) Read more

EMV-enabled cards are taking over worldwide

With the increase in credit card fraud, more and more people are starting to use microchip-enabled cards to help secure their personal data. EMV-enabled cards are the future of (…) Read more

Safety netting against fraudulent online transactions

The percentage of fraudulent online attacks in the United States is swelling at an alarming rate. It is estimated that since October 2015, the rate increased by 11%, mirroring a (…) Read more

EMV: Safety and ease of use for retailers and consumers

The use of bank cards has always brought about fraud worries and convenience issues. Europay/ MasterCard/ Visa (EMV) chip cards are revolutionizing the payment industry in the (…) Read more

Merging technology and principles in fighting cybercrime

The advent of new technologies in terms of modes of payment has entailed a rise in the rate of financial frauds as well. A recent study established that over 2,000 data breaches (…) Read more

Worldline comes to support mobile payment through Cloud technologies

Worldline, one of the European leaders in the payment and transactional services industry, has partnered with Visa to run in-house its Cloud-based Payments solution. As such, the (…) Read more

The importance of using a Digital Wallet

Should you own a smartphone, you could almost certainly pay for things with a swipe of your phone known as electronic or digital wallet. If you are not yet the owner of one, (…) Read more

Five reasons why businesses must accept mobile payments

Mobile payment is quickly becoming the next big thing. With the omnipresence of smartphones, it is crucial for businesses to adapt to this new trend and adopt mobile payment. Why? (…) Read more

EMV: Tips to win the uphill battle

EMV helps prevent instances of card-present fraud by using a microchip to authenticate the card or cardholder. Since October 2015, retailers, and not payment networks, are liable (…) Read more

More and more hackers are coveting Point-of-Sale systems

Attacks are multiplying against Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. Hackers view this payment system as easy targets. The reason behind is that POS systems have relatively old security (…) Read more

Mobile POS Market Expects 38% Boost by 2024, NFC Seen to Top the List

As the need for payment solutions in many industries arises, mobile technology becomes a huge role player in connecting retailers and customers. Mobile Point-of-Sale market is one (…) Read more

EMV conversion: Neither security nor convenience sacrificed

Transition towards Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV) payment has entailed an inevitable tug of war between security and convenience. Both retailers and customers are seeking these two (…) Read more

Chip Cards: A semi-satisfactory first birthday

Officially launched in the United States (US) in 2015, Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) chip cards have witnessed a very bumpy ride. Up to now, many services and businesses are (…) Read more

Mobile Payments and mPOS: Express and easy checkout

Mobile phones, with their texting and video chat applications, have definitely taken over our means of communication. Thus, mobile wallets and mPOS come as no surprise to modern (…) Read more

Bygone are the times when some people used to claim that mobile payments are depriving customers of their cashback rewards. Today, it has become easier than ever to redeem rewards (…) Read more

Bygone are the times when some people used to claim that mobile payments are depriving customers of their cashback rewards. Today, it has become easier than ever to redeem rewards (…) Read more

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