For a new age of selling

Discover how payment methods have evolved since the 1950′s. View our infographic.

Smartphone payments

There is no doubt that mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular.The mobile market shows no signs of slowing down, as billions of people around the world own a smartphone.

Payment systems equipped with ACCEO Tender Retail can carry-out mobile payment transactions in a seamless and secure way, without additional investment of significant time or budget in hardware or development. The solution is compatible with various smartphone payment applications including Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®.

Mobile POS

Some customers would rather leave a store than wait in line to pay for their purchases. A mobile POS is the perfect solution for retailers looking to retain those clients while offering superior customer service.

Whether your salespeople are equipped with smartphones or tablets, and whether these devices are equipped with card readers or docking stations, ACCEO Tender Retail will integrate smoothly into any mobile POS, while keeping transactional data as secure as regular point of sales do.

Contactless payment

Merchants looking to build their brand image, increase ticket size and drive throughput can provide their customers with the possibility to tap or wave their card at a reader and speed through the payment process.

  • Customers retain their card
  • Queues disappear
  • Loyalty increases
  • Built-in security
Unique customer experience

Unique customer experience

Faster checkout

Faster checkout

Increased loyalty

Increased loyalty