EMV Technology

For greater security and fraud protection

The Cost of Fraud

U.S. card fraud losses account for more than a third of the worldwide total. Some merchants are surprised to learn that in many cases, they have to pay the chargebacks.

As a retailer, you’d like to get a clear picture: what does the use of EMV chip cards or magnetic stripe cards entail for your store?

The adoption of chip-embedded credit and debit cards over traditional magnetic stripe cards opens up a whole new world of security and convenience benefits for merchants and consumers alike. However, complete compliance with the stringent requirements needed for EMV accreditation can provide a hurdle for many merchants.

ACCEO Tender Retail’s EMV technology takes care of all that.

Fully EMV certified with all the major processors, EMV is essential for merchants looking for a fast, affordable and complete launch to the next level of fraud prevention and customer satisfaction. Regardless of volume or infrastructure, every merchant can realize the benefits of ACCEO Tender Retail’s EMV integration:

  • Increased fraud protection
  • Reduced liability for chargebacks
  • Greater operational efficiency – no more receipts or receipt storage to verify signatures
  • Global compatibility – essential for any merchant visited by international tourists
  • Secure transactions at offline or unattended locations
  • Allows the use of wireless terminals
Increased protection

Increased protection

Reduced liability

Reduced liability

Secure transactions

Secure transactions