Worldline comes to support mobile payment through Cloud technologies

Worldline, one of the European leaders in the payment and transactional services industry, has partnered with Visa to run in-house its Cloud-based Payments solution. As such, the e-payment and transactional services provider becomes the pioneer in end-to-end Visa-certified payments with a very high degree of security and functionality. This deal strengthens Worldline’s position in the market to empower the cashless society by delivering innovative and quality payments.  

A word about Worldline

Having established itself as a leader in the European market since more than forty years, Worldline offers technological expertise in securing and connecting transactions in the whole payment chain by using digital platforms. It is well-known across the world for its flexible and innovative approaches as well as for its healthy business relationships with partners. Electronic transactions, be they between companies, partners or any other customers, are handled with an exceptional level of security.

What this partnership implies

Worldwide, contactless payments are being adopted at a fast pace. The deal between Worldline and Visa will henceforth let clients effect mobile payment by using their Android mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) phones allowing interaction with devices in close proximity. The mobile phones will however have to be embedded with Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology. Issuers will be able to offer customers the option to make highly secured transactions through Visa payWave on all Visa contactless terminals in the world. This Visa certification is a testimony that Worldline is meeting Visa’s functional as well as security requirements.

Services made easy for banks

One of the main beneficiaries of Worldline solution are banks. The latter may seamlessly integrate Worldline within their issuing systems including their existing mobile applications. Transactions will be even more secure and easier. Worldline equally manages authentication of users while credentials are stored into the Digital Wallet. The e-payment provider moreover provides processing services as well as software licensing for banks to allow the latter to manage their cashless payments in a more efficient manner. Else, it has its own stand-alone application that can be equally used. Among its clients are the HSBC, the BNP Paribas, the Société Générale and the Sparda-Bank.

Revenues enhanced for other customers

As the use of contactless payment is spreading like wildfire, Worldline comes with innovative services that may help to enhance revenues for its customers. No doubt, it will eventually be used in various other payments such as travel passes or loyalty programs.

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