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Blockchain could help more people gain access to financial services

About two billion people currently lack access to the most basic banking facilities. Given how important those financial infrastructures have become to socioeconomic progress, (…) Read more

Startup Zilingo raises 17M USD as niche e-commerce booms in Indonesia

Less than two years after its creation, Zilingo, a Southeast Asia-based e-commerce platform, has managed to raise $17M earlier in September. Led by Sequoia Capital India and Burda (…) Read more

Discover Why E-Commerce Brands Should Consider Opening Physical Stores

Originally a mobile e-commerce platform co-founded by Carl Waldekranz in 2012, Tictail has opened the doors to its first-ever permanent storefront in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. (…) Read more

Order your products and have them delivered to your doorstep by a drone

Based in Iceland, Aha, known as the largest online marketplace has partnered with Flytrex, the Israeli drone company, to use drones to deliver its products to two parts of the (…) Read more

Ten ways to protect yourself when shopping online

Over the past few decades, the internet has developed into a dynamic and viable retailing channel, generating billions in online retailing sales. Online shopping has risen fast (…) Read more

Top 15 solutions for online payments

When it comes to finding a platform for online payments, there are more options than you can count. And while it cannot be denied that PayPal is the major player in the online (…) Read more

The effect of fintech on global e-commerce

Global payments options have evolved over the years, and the rise of new payment methods, including online and mobile payments, has been the effect of more online and mobile (…) Read more

E-commerce and the ten Cs that are revolutionizing the retail industry

The retail industry is more than ever a bustling ground. Sales are on a constant hike as innovations in various fields are unfolding at high speed. If you want to engage yourself (…) Read more

Guidelines for omnichannel retailers to make shipping less complex

Shipping is the backbone of any online commerce. However, it is a process that every retailer would joyfully avoid if possible due to the many complexities and costs entailed. (…) Read more

Overcoming the challenges of omnichannel in retail

While omnichannel has been around for several years and is now an established system, many companies are still having problems integrating it into their systems to make it work (…) Read more

How E-commerce is shaping the future of commerce

Electronic commerce- or E-commerce as it is usually abbreviated to- is a term defining a business or commercial transaction that comprises the transfer of information across the (…) Read more

Omnichannel models respond seamlessly to customer needs

As technology advances, it becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives. Most people have several Internet-connected devices around them at any given time, from desktop (…) Read more

How to ensure great customer experience

Any company that can provide a great customer experience sets themselves apart from the rest. And “what does my customer want” is the question every savvy executive is always (…) Read more

Guidelines to improve customer experience 

In the world of commerce, customer experience is the interaction between the customer and an organization over the total duration of their customer relationship. A good customer (…) Read more

Three best mobile point-of-sale systems for small businesses

Mobile point-of-sales (mPOS) technology has revolutionized the payment system.  With it, you can harness the power of your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device to accept (…) Read more

Major challenges retailers face with Endless Aisle

Around ten percent of retail sales are lost because an item in the store is out of stock. When this happens, your customers look to your competitors to find the item they want. (…) Read more

Omnichannel: One of the favorite channels adopted by marketers 

In this age of massive digital consumption, there is a constant proliferation of social media and channels that can be used by marketers in new and exciting ways to reach their (…) Read more

How to make the most of the Omnichannel business model

Omnichannel is a strategy currently being employed in marketing. From being a rather unfamiliar concept five years ago, it has evolved into a crucial feature for successful (…) Read more

Unified Commerce can be a possible reality

In this day of digital technology and online shopping, empowered shoppers want to see more from their retail experience. This is not news, however, and shoppers now carry a (…) Read more

Omnichannel vs. Unified Commerce: Choosing the front runner for your business

The retail sector is all about omnichannel and unified commerce right now. Bolstered by mobilization of retail, digital commerce has placed the power in customer’s hands. The (…) Read more

Understanding the basics of unified commerce

Customer experience has become the pivotal point in marketing. Businesses have understood this and 89% of them expect to be competing with each other on this basis, as customer (…) Read more

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