Mobile payments are going to overtake credit cards as the preferred mode of online payments

By analyzing the current market trends, it is apparent that online, mobile and digital currency payments systems are going to overtake conventional debit and credit cards for e-commerce payments. According to the United Nations Body on international trade and development, the share of debit and credit cards will drop by 46% by 2019, while digitization of services is soaring.



Retailers boost e-commerce with an increased focus on their online sales 

With the advent and success of the online industry in the recent past, we are looking at a major shift of focus of the retailers on the online sales in the near future. Find out the areas of focus of the retailers along with tips and tricks for enhancing your e-commerce sales. The trend is backed by a report published by Statista depicting the rapid pace of growth of e-commerce sales.



Security is the main concern of mobile payments with Millennials

According to a recent survey by VocaLink in the United States, millennials are shunning the use of mobile payments in favor of cash, due to major concerns about security. While the use of mobile payment technology is on the rise in the U.S., with gross payments expected to catch up with other fast-growing countries, millennials are in the percentage that is not expected to jump on the mobile payments bandwagon.