Discover Why E-Commerce Brands Should Consider Opening Physical Stores

Originally a mobile e-commerce platform co-founded by Carl Waldekranz in 2012, Tictail has opened the doors to its first-ever permanent storefront in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Tictail is an online platform that helps entrepreneurs build online shops within minutes. It is also a shopping destination for finding the best emerging fashion and home décor designers from around the world. It is reported that Carl has raised over $32.5 million for his mobile DIY e-commerce platform. The intriguing part is why a profitable platform like this would decide to open up a storefront.



Payment card security compliance is directly related to the ability to defend against cyber attacks

A recent report published by Verizon- a highly respected security consultancy- highlighted that of all card data breaches investigated, not a single organization was fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI DSS). The report pinpointed that businesses adhering to the latter had fewer risks of becoming victimized by cyber attacks. 



Mobile point-of-sale systems

Mobile point-of-sale systems, or mPOS, are a digital replacement to normal POS systems, using any form of touchscreen mobile devices, such as an iPad, smartphone, or tablet. When added to the iPad, smartphone or tablet, it can serve as a mobile cash register, giving staff the ability to ring up sales anywhere in the store.



Why the mobile wallet should be a fundamental part of your retail strategy

Mobile wallets have already gone mainstream for consumers. The trend is being consolidated as many merchants are equally playing the game by offering various services and modes of payment related to the mobile wallet. In this vein, e-commerce and mobile transactions are absorbing a bigger and bigger part of the expenditure of consumers, and retailers who have not adopted the mobile wallet should seriously consider integrating this multi tool into their business strategy to stay competitive.



Five current payment challenges that travel agents have to overcome

Summer time does not rhyme with a vacation for travel agents. It is the peak season where thousands of people are traveling and when travel agents are literally overwhelmed with a voluminous workload. It is true to say that the travel industry is highly delicate as if it easily influenced by various unpredictable factors. And even in low season, the market can be subject to various negative factors. The challenges that travel agents have to overcome are indeed not so simple.